Meridian designs and implements successful Medicaid Waiver Programs that provide long-term care.

Sustainable Solutions to Medicaid Waiver Programs

Healthcare as we know it is changing and the rate of change is extraordinary. The Affordable Care Act brings the need for competition and access. Value based purchasing, pay for performance and comparative effectiveness brings the need for quality improvement, best practices and becoming a data driven system. Risk based payment models bring the need for cost effectiveness, integrated services, care coordination and partnerships. And lastly, as hospital systems enter into a more competitive market; they will need to focus on patient experience and innovation to set them apart from the rest. Care and quality is no longer only defined within the walls of a hospital or clinic – it is defined by the health of the patients it serves and manages.

With a changing focus nationally, we have seen Waiver Programs build demonstration projects and delivery system reform incentive programs that test the boundaries of innovation and drive performance improvement to a new level. Waivers are vehicles states can use to test new or existing ways to deliver and pay for health care services in Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). While Waivers Programs are deployed by state leadership, local leaders and healthcare executives are tasked with designing and implementing locally tailored programs and systems necessary to succeed and sustain impactful change within their health system. Meridian Healthcare Partners has experience implementing solutions to these multidimensional and complex problems.

Meridian Healthcare Partners has experience designing and implementing:

  • Performance improvement initiatives and solutions to meet aggressive program target metrics
  • Data stewardship programs
  • Change management and governance structure redesign to support sustainable change
  • Increased access to primary care and specialty care by developing referral guidelines, implementing telemedicine, reducing call and appointment wait times, as well as reducing patient cycle times within the physician office or clinic
  • Physical and behavioral health integration programs and solutions
  • Population health management solutions and tools, such as disease registries, point of care service delivery and preventive health outreach management
  • Treatment protocols
  • Comprehensive medical homes
  • Clinical integration practices
  • Complex care coordination and care management programs
  • Patient satisfaction improvement initiatives
  • Clinical decision support tools used to track and improve compliance with best practices and approved treatment protocols
  • Managed care solutions for uninsured and indigent patients

Let us help you with

  • Change Management
  • Leadership and Governance Structure Design
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Data Stewardship and Integrity
  • Clinical and Business Intelligence
  • Partnership Building
  • Infrastructure Development
  • System Assessment and Gap Analysis
  • Care Transitions and Care Management
  • Enhanced Access to Care
  • Preventable Events
  • Workforce Development and Resource Management
  • Technology Driven Data Systems
  • Patient and Provider Engagement
  • Population Health Management Strategies
  • Standardized Workflows